About Us

L.D.R. Technologies Ltd. is an Israeli representative and distributor of premium components for liquid and gas processing in a range of industrial and technology fields.

L.D.R. represents a chosen group of international companies, each specialized in developing and manufacturing their respective processing product — be it filters or pumps.

L.D.R. was established in 2007 to serve the dramatic growth of the Israeli digital print industry with ink filters, and pumps. Since then L.D.R. has added a range of industries to its customer portfolio—these include:

• Cosmetic products industry

• Medical products industry

• Military and defence industry

• Green energy & Cooling systems

With each customer, L.D.R. endeavours to understand the customer’s needs, provide the customer with the best product to fit those requirements and follows up with the customers’ engineers to see to a positive integration of the delivered components.

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Main Office
31 Hashomrim Street
Rehovot, Israel 76230
Phone: +972-8-949-3521
Fax: +972-153-54-7564-539
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